neural jetskis: wrap your mind around this

Neural Jetskis: Wrap Your Mind Around This

I said yes.

Tomorrow morning we’re filming ME.

Maybe it’s because I look like a Sunday school teacher. Maybe it’s because I may have a novel opinion. Maybe it’s because I’m not afraid.

I said YES to being filmed taking on a psychedelic (NOT ADDICTIVE, non EUPHORIC) natural and LEGAL herb tomorrow. So I’m going to splash around my head tomorrow using neural jetskis. And I hope to have an experience worthy to articulate. Part of me worries that absolutely nothing will happen but I suppose the mere fact that I am open to any possibility as long as I’m not in danger is a conversation anyway.

It’s not a party substance. It’s a go journey in your head and be open to the unknown challenge. Am I afraid of my own thoughts and what might be kicking around in my noggin? Absolutely not. I actually feel quite stable with life and my thoughts that I wonder if it might be a nonevent.

I wonder…. if the psychedelic experience is really the neurosis of people’s insecurities or perhaps the exploration of a nurtured imagination. Can I direct my experience solely with my intention?

I’ll be sure to take lots of vitamins and juice before the cameraman arrives… Wish me luck:)



~ by jnetsworld on November 8, 2006.


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