where do you live? in my head.

Where Do You Live? In My Head.

A part of me feels like a ghost in this world, living in another dimension occasionally interacting with the living world. I have affectionate though unattached sentiments with each passing moment.

And yet I feel intensely alive and bliss is my private joy stolen in the fleeting seconds between here and there; an awareness to respond to this gift of life I’ve been given.

Mendelsson moved me to tears every day last week at the genuis of expressing emotions between glorious and tragic in an awe-inspiring way…..And then a part of me was reminded to compose myself like a symphony. I am the artist, the composer and I am the blank page, the blank canvas. I become the possibility of any note and cadence and the human experience dances with the divine.

Can I make tension and dissonance beautiful and worthy of a more lingering expansion of phrasing in this experience called life? Can I create graceful transitions between key, tempo and time changes?

The fun puzzles I amuse myself with… living in my head.

Maestro JNET


~ by jnetsworld on November 7, 2006.


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