neural jetskis: a few notes on wonderland

Neural Jetskis: A Few Notes on Wonderland

Visiting wonderland is not so scary.

“Are you afraid of anything?”

Fear, that’s an interesting thought. It’s an irrational game to entertain and torture one’s thoughts over or to amuse oneself within egotistical glory.

“Fear is reactive. I can’t say that I sit with that one much. Perhaps I’ll have a passing thought that might qualify fear, but I tend to analyze my thoughts and make a choice from there. Fear doesn’t make choices… it just acts.”

I lean towards indifference.

I wasn’t afraid playing with the possibility of visiting a new dimension with the aid of a neural stimulus. Would my friends and family think ill of me? No. I’m known to be unconventional but I am also respected.

“What do you hope to find on the other side?” I was asked.

“If I was to find any sort of entity to communicate with, I think I’d find myself… my higher self from the future that creates my life with me in the present. As for answers for insights…. I’d like to learn about my “origins” and connect to a spiritual history. I’d also thank the higher self for its intention and power in my present NOW and I’d ask if there was anything particular I can pay attention to for a powerful path into my future.”

I was ready for any experience that might glean some wisdom. I felt safe, strange enough with all the lighting and cameras on me. I also had two friends that I trusted my life with… and I had done quite a bit of conversations and research to pave an educated journey.

Did anything happen at all?

Yes. Within the first 2 minutes I was whisked into a neural roller coaster of cascading color and spiraling motion. My thoughts were interrupted with questions to myself. Why am I here again? What did I just take?

I felt silly that I had forgotten. The neural fireworks didn’t last long and I sat up asking if I might have another dose. I closed my eyes again and found myself caught up in the motions of molecules. The blue waves of the first session was followed by beads of reds, whites and pinks breathing like a science model in motion.

For whatever reason there are for it, that is what I saw for a few moments with my eyes closed. I had the physical sensation of a restful rush if that makes sense and then there was the sounds of reality to humble me back to the present.

Most of the time, I quietly laid like “sleeping beauty” and woke refreshed to get on with my day. It was easy to walk away from this atypical moment.

I do not return with fanciful spiritual lessons from conversations with heavenly entities. I wonder if such experiences are purely ego expressions to wow an audience with. I learned that there is nothing to fear even within the space of confusion.

My thoughts had an amusing run that met with silence dotted with the sounds of the little boys that live downstairs, the old man walking above and the laundry dryer signaling the end of its cycle in the building across from me.

Life goes on despite this spiritual being’s quest in exploring the human experience.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have something more to share. But the “healing” qualities did kick in. If you might recall earlier this week I complained of not feeling well, my neck had a kink that I couldnt’ sort out. Several friends tried giving me massages over the week after I had complained that I felt out of sorts and that I hurt through to my wrists. I hadn’t played the piano much this week on account of my discomfort.

I can’t say that I feel out of sorts anymore. I actually feel a lot better and well rested and ready to happily practice again.


If you are interested in this project on spirituality and altered states and want to share your take on your reality. Contact me.


~ by jnetsworld on November 6, 2006.


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