growing jnetsworld – 2 years old :)

Growing JNETSWORLD – 2 Years Old 🙂

JNETSWORLD officially turned 2 years old last week:)

What started out from a whim after googling for the definition of BLOG has grown into a journey of writing down the thoughts of a solitary soul and finding kin-spirits along the way.

I wrote in secret for a year before telling anyone. And then I put the blog feed through my Friendster, later Tribe… Sometimes I copy a blog entry onto Myspace. And now JNETSWORLD has expanded onto Stumbleupon.

I guess I’m getting UNSHY 🙂

And I’ve gained so many friends and have been encouraged by their comments. I wanted to just share a few of my favorite reviews from my stumble community:)



Jnetsworld is indeed a special place. I love my visits here because I so enjoy reading this woman’s honest and intelligent commentary.


Jnet’s blog is a wonderful reflection of the beauty within…great blog!


I feel uncomfortable reading Jnet’s pages sometimes. I feel like a voyeur. She tells us of her experiences with life in an intimate manner. She sheds layers of consciousness as one might shed one’s clothes. Her desire: to transcend while staying well grounded(?) I could be wrong about that, though. I don’t know. She invites you into her world literally (with a direct invitation) and metaphorically (through her photos, drawings, and prose). We learn that she plays Chopin. I wonder if she plays Liszt’s “transcendental” etudes… If you are willing to challenge your “self,” visit her page.

From GABRIEL2178:

Another fantastic example of a stumbler with a point of view who knows how to get it across. Fantastic photos and a real insight into a fantastic mind. A must for people looking for real people on the internet and in this stumble world.


Sweet and tangy glimpses into a lovely and intelligent mind.


Wonderful to find someone so willing to share their insight and originality. Truly intriguing and beautiful pages. Thank you, jnet.

From NAN:

What a delight it was to stop by the pages of jnetsworld!
She has shared some truly wonderful images, some truly marvelous quotes and poems, and to top that all off, she shares with us her thoughts, her rants, and her life. Truly this is a person who when you meet, you just know, would be a friend for life, and an enjoyable one at that.


crystalline commentary. like breathing mountain aire.


This blog swims, screams, dances and prods. Sometimes all at the same time. Fun, interesting, lovely and provocative stuff herein. Links to great art sites, and Powdermilkman’s colleague David Putney.
I raise my glass of powdermilk in a toast… Cheers!

From YOLA:

I’m thrilled to be a mutual friend of one so brilliantly expressive. As JNET discovers whats important and blogs about it, a glorious fusion of purity, tranquility and integrity shines forth from her most worthy page: the importance of shunning all shallowness in relationships, the things of beauty that cause her to experience bliss, the indispensable time for solitude, in her existence. This stumbler’s site is a journal. A “Note To Self”, that she’s so graciously shares. Call it “Wisdom Nuggets To Go”, if you will. It’s JNET’s World. We are welcomed to it.


here is a fully engaged person doing everything she can to live life deeply, fully, truly, and on the cutting edge- of awareness. although she is sensitive she refuses to give in to despair, and seeks her own connection to god in a culture that often seems to offer only the alternatives of religious fundamentalism, secular nihilism, or watered-down new age cliches. she, wisely, is finding and tending to her personal boundaries while exploring and expanding, and is able to notice when she goes far enough off course-side trips are an inevitability, and often beneficial- and navigate back to where she needs to be. i also personally appreciate the fact that she allows music to be a touchstone, and especially appreciate her connection to the kind of music i love. i salute her and would add that, while the type of journey she is taking is often painful, my personal belief is that it is the most rewarding of all journeys, and thank her for sharing some her own personal journey on su.


…lissen, if California ever slides into the Pacific, along with Schwarzenneger… …as long as this gurl survives, I won’t care!!! …cuz, she’s the coolest product there outside of sun-kissed raisins and wine (check it!)


I /wish/ she was the girl next door!


This is one interesting and passionate woman


What a beautiful person is projected in these pages. Her thoughts combined with the images are the recipe for calm. Her respect for others is humbling.


Looks, personality, and string theory too! What’s not to like? I have updated information from a special agent in L.A.! He was guided by remote control here at SG Central to an intercept with JNET and has submitted the following report: “Thanks for introducing me to the first really cool person I’ve met since I got to LA!”


It’s still a bit of a strange thrill and I’m very happy that I write in a way that speaks to people. I write to process daily life, choosing the meaning that would help me create and manifest a future that I want. I want to write to capture the beauty of life as well as the beauty of tragedy in a way that the photographers, artists and musicians I admire capture passion within notes, brushstrokes and framed shots.

I write from that place of strength that everyone has inside of them. That little voice that IS on your side that argues with the OTHER voice and is destined by freedom to win. When I feel confused or frustrated, I go to that space and find that creating the habit of healthier and happier thinking makes for a more mindful and peaceful path.

Here’s to keeping life real…. without falling into the illusions of fear.



~ by jnetsworld on October 31, 2006.


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