music: j’s bar mitzvah

MUSIC: J’s Bar Mitzvah

The show was a huge success! J gave a performance that will have people buzzing for weeks. And he had a wonderful time which is most important to me. He was fearless, undaunted and poised through out the night and it was beautiful for me to experience my first bar mitzvah. The chief rabbi of Israel even flew in to bless the evening and welcome J into his spiritual adulthood. I loved learning about a culture that is particularly into mysticism, celebrating thankfulness and kindness.

These are the pictures of my student J (in fedora hat) and his friend, the boy next door, along with me and the rest of his tutors.

Teaching is such a pleasure. I also had a fun time hanging out with J’s other tutors. I hardly get to see my collegues that are J’s guitar teachers. It was good to catch up. And J’s dance tutors were a fun and silly energy to have a giggle with.



~ by jnetsworld on October 23, 2006.


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