music: wonder in the space of chaos

Wonder in the Space of Chaos

The black dress found me… Princess K played the fairy god mother by going through her closet and producing the perfect signature of elegance for tomorrow evening’s event.

I spent most of the evening at Hangar 8 for a run through of the show. The first part of the hangar was clothed in red velvet, chandeliers above and scenic murals of Venice along the wall.

The room with the stage is even bigger… 30 foot ceilings and there were three huge vehicles hoisting a platform for the lighting crew. Despite the utter madness of machines, a production crew running around and a banquet crew setting up tables, my student had a great time on stage and gracefully handled the evening without being phased. If he is only 13, taking on playing “Clocks” with a full band, jumping onto an electric guitar to rock out a couple of tunes, play a bit of Rodrigo’s guitar concerto in a classical guitar trio and then jump off stage onto the dance floor to do some hip hop with three professional dancers before his 400 guests, I can only be impressed and excited for his future. I asked him if he knew any other 12 year olds that worked so hard towards their 13th birthday and he said he knew no one and that he was so excited. He had been keeping all his practice a secret from all his friends telling them that he wants to take them to the moon for his birthday ūüôā

He’s already taken me there. In just watching him run through his show despite the challenges of chaos, noisy machines, a couple of dozen people running around with questions and instructions, I saw that life can yet be graceful and unfettered.



~ by jnetsworld on October 22, 2006.


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