this is your future

This Is Your Future

As my students get the basics of reading music, I enjoy showing them what the big kids play or myself.

“This is your future.” I tell them. “It’s all just a dance for your fingers. I’m here to help you train yourself to know patterns so that this doesn’t look like ants on a page.”

And so continues the journey of mistakes, recognizing them and becoming graceful to land where we really intended. We’ll fall in love with compositions and eat them up. We’ll pursue things we love in theory and have to choose to get over the hunger for easy gratification and take on the journey.

Foregoing the company and distractions of easier paths of fun, engaged in playing with a symbolic system. I think it’s a worthy meditation.

My music tutors taught me that conquering these ants on the paper is not about ego rather it’s about putting the ego aside in order to create art. To move forward from a place of not understanding becomes an exciting starting point having created value to a future goal.

When I see my student’s eyes light up in their willingness to take on their future, I am in the presence of possibility.



~ by jnetsworld on October 16, 2006.


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