public address of an introvert

Public Address of an Introvert

I write on my human experience and the beauty of its design and wildness. I may love fireworks but I would choose silence at any given moment. Solitude recalibrates me so that I can re-enter the curiosity of Life and take on its blissful temperments.

I can’t write life as a perpetual day at a picnic and wow over sandwiches and rides. Every day I have a million thoughts that go through my head and I choose one to write on. And like a scientist wearing a writer’s hat, I type my thoughts onto this petri dish format of a blog to just look at my thoughts, decide my feelings are on them and write my conclusions.

For a feely feely person, I may come off a bit aloof… I suppose also very unsympathetic. In return, I would tell them that they are being indulgent and drunk on emotion and need to stop feeling and think for a moment.

I do feel but I feel differently and I know there are a lot of people that “feel” like me. Feeling from a hypersensitive space, aware of subtle cues, looking deeply at the subtext for truth, being adaptive and adept to relate rationally and not being reactive.

I don’t have time for tearing my heart in ranting conversations with lots of tears, swearing, and drama. It’s not my style. I’ll walk away from people who need these types of interactions to get to daily truths. And I don’t want to always get on a soapbox to extricate love and respect. Either people are committed to be loving and respectful in their relationships or they are careless and keep dropping the ball.

And that’s is where my patience ends. I need automony and not spits and starts. Am I unforgiving and intolerant? My friends and family will vouch for my good will. My enemies will say otherwise and get all the more upset that I don’t care for their criticisms as I remind them that they have a knack for not knowing how to win my friendship back.

I’m just a girl who likes the quiet life. Between the spaces of silence, I have a very busy life, full of interesting people and projects, giving me an abundance to write from and reflect how to grow from their influence.

Here, you’ll read about conflicts and reconciliations, inner struggles and triumphs…BASIC stuff that everyone on the planet deals with. Maybe I make choices you would, maybe I come up with something novel. If you don’t agree, then don’t torture yourself and read some other blog or take whatever art pleases you and move on.

I’m not here to please anyone. I’m here to live my life and write down my thoughts. I like to stare at them. Try on my thoughts if they fit you. Leave them here if they don’t fit you. Become my friend if it suits you. Grow our friendship if you wish.



~ by jnetsworld on October 15, 2006.


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