iron butterfly

Iron Butterfly

My topsy-turvy beginning of October has smoothed out. Thank you friends for all your love and well wishes. This butterfly never had to hit the ground despite the gusts of nonsense.

A couple of “friendships” fell by the wasteside. I suppose all relationships are hopeful endeavors. I learned I had a couple of loose cannons and they finally blew over… aimed at me.

“Don’t take it personally.” and “Hey, this is who I am!” are lines I would take on if it wasn’t to deflect responsibility when they blow off mean steam or take liberties that undermine my sense of personal space.

The sisterhood can be so cruel sometimes 😦

So I am two friends less this month…not necessarily ousted but under a new perspective are now acquaintances, drinking buddies; people to not bare my heart to. Some people don’t want your hearts in friendship… they want your “companionship”, your stuff, your leverage; your something but not necessarily YOU and YOUR HEART and SOUL. I was reduced to a “JNET in a BOX” friend.

It’s okay to be broken hearted and need people along the healing path but I shy away from people bent on taking others down with them with a laugh, a cocktail, or a sarcastic gesture and then expect others to “DEAL WITH IT.”

I took stock this past week. I chose that I love ME more than these people and that I want to protect the world I have. I have friends that are loyal, devoted, sensitive, generous, protective in my kingdom. They are also iron butterflies.

Being strong doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sensitivity. Being sensitive doesn’t mean living “naive” and “not rooted into reality.”


“Friends… they cherish one another’s hopes.
They are kind to one another’s dreams.”

Henry David Thoreau


~ by jnetsworld on October 13, 2006.


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