a shade of jade

A Shade of Jade

Perhaps A is right in saying that the world at large is heartless. Perhaps I lived a rather sheltered life growing up with a supportive and loving family and everyone outside of that is not trustworthy as a GIVEN.

Perhaps my optimism for humanity is unreasonable.

A part of me wants to say that I DON’T CARE. I will HOPE nonetheless.

But maybe A is right. The world is cruel and uncaring and she is a creature of that. That would justify everyone’s strange behaviors and confirm further to me that the best way to not get scuffed is to live solo.

UGH. I hate to sound jaded!

I arrived home from vacation and found that someone had been using my room while I was away. Someone slept in my bed, lit my candles and was negligent in covering their tracks. I always put fresh sheets on my bed and tidy my room before leaving town. Oh, and my shower head was broken off and placed on my bathroom sink with no note. I found that a few things were also “borrowed.” My roommate was moving out while I was away and I suppose took some liberties.

It baffles me that decompressing has to have so many challenges for me this week. I just want to retreat even more so.

On the upside, Mystic is talking about playing house. Now that I am living alone, he brought up the conversation. My thoughts are pulled in many directions right now … from UGH, I just want to see my stuff and not share, there is no drama in living alone…. to… WHAT? You want to play house?

I’m tired and jet-lagged. The week HAS to improve….



~ by jnetsworld on October 2, 2006.


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