on being “high maintenance”

On Being “High Maintenance”

“Are you a high-maintenance girl?” I was asked today…

I wanted to laugh. How to answer such a question… Tell a 2 year old to make toast. Will the child be wrong for having difficulty? Ask a neighbor to take care of your docked boat for the summer. Is the boat high maintenance if he doesn’t understand boats?

I suppose I am “high-maintenance” to the person who doesn’t understand me but to my friends, I make absolute sense and it is a very happy connection.

High maintenance seems like a mean cop out when everyone really is sad and frustrated about missing the connection. And it’s an easy way to leave and put someone down in the meantime.

I’m not high maintenance.

I’m like the ocean full of life and depth. I am happy in simply being the ocean that is me. I don’t need the sun or moon to be an ocean and I don’t make demands that the stars drop out of the sky for me.

You can’t maintain an ocean.

You can travel the ocean, explore it and be yourself… and learn how to breathe, swim and play. Be kind and peaceful in your play.

That is love. It is not drowning and succumbing. It’s more like trusting yourself to hold your head up and float in understanding.

I spent a couple of hours answering to questions about my quirks and thoughts on life and love. I don’t know how many girls are being screened for this pilot show…

A reality romantic comedy… Interesting… I don’t know if an ocean will work for their ratings. Maybe…



~ by jnetsworld on September 1, 2006.


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