uncomplicating myself

Uncomplicating Myself

I’ve been foolish in being attached to stories. i was surrounded by noise and learned to become noisy. But that is not the way that I wish to be nor live.

Any intelligent fool can make up a story and make things bigger, complex, and violent to make themselves a beggar for attention and sacrifice self-respect, bringing no joy or peace to the world.

I found myself after some time bouncing from the frenetic energy of taking on compromise.

I want to be like this candle…something that burns quietly, brightly, and simply.

I woke up this morning feeling free and uncomplicated, unhindered but yet a little tired from my arduous journey to myself. It was easy to get lost in the noise by answering its demands.

I just celebrated freedom this week. Now… I want to practice being uncompromising and on purpose. i had dreams and ambitions before I got tired by distraction and became a slave to fear and insecurity.

I will begin remembering them now.



~ by jnetsworld on July 8, 2006.


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