deconstructing JNET

I’ve retreated into my head.

I find it entertaining how I meet people who swear the sky is falling in their world. It is hard to escape. I wish I could disappear sometimes. I need to take stock of my life and some serious questions in mind, as well as other things that happen to be MY LIFE… meanwhile, I was being demanded for my opinions on petty dramas.

I guess some people can’t decide what color phone to buy and consider that a crisis. Since I’m a cold, heartless and non-sympathetic snob, I decided to close the lines of credit to these well-meaning acquaintances who had no clue of boundaries. I like to be involved with people’s lives but to a certain point.

It’s not my style. I prefer thinking on my own or writing. Others prefer talking to a couple of close friends and yet others need to tell 20 of their best friends.

Maybe some people don’t realize how exhausting they are upon others. When you hear someone’s voice continuously in your head blaring away and the adrenaline rush is over their stressful drama and you have to grab at scraps of space to have a thought to yourself, you know it’s not a good situation. I have on particular person who’s habitually interrupted me so much that I even hear her voice interrupting my thinking.

I’m going crazy… ugggh

I have some stuff to sort out in my own head…

And so I’ve pushed DELETE on certain numbers and took stock of who my real friends are. I had to accept that I’m being USED by some butter knife killers; friendly sorts who do funny things that make me feel bad about myself as an afterthought or who’s opinion don’t help me feel powerful about my world…

It’s bad enough I have myself to contend with. Processing my stuff is enough.

These acqauintances or fair weather friends no longer have a space in Jnetsworld. If it is a misunderstanding, we’ll sort it out… but if I’m reading things correctly, everything is really arbitrary and life will go on.



~ by jnetsworld on July 5, 2006.


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