the pervading shadow in pardise

The Pervading Shadow in Paradise

Despite breathtaking beaches, pristine water, and lush greenery, being entralled by the hills, the huts, the sand, it was unsettling to see the vast poverty of the Philippines.

A day at the spa would take several days’ wages of the average person that surrounded me. There are lots of university-degree graduates working jobs that are not providing them with advantageous positions.

People aren’t dreaming to that extent. The modus operandi was survival. I saw the devoid of childhood in a child’s eyes, bitterness and envy, regret, despondency,… ignorance… unawareness… in people’s faces. And I wondered what governs over being content and resourcesful creating a boundary within. What kinds of ways of thinking were acting as chains…

A self-perpetuating box made valid for whatever reason… and reasons indulged, some of them believable, some fantastic.

I don’t understand a system where to thrive is an anomaly.



~ by jnetsworld on May 12, 2006.


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