i don’t hate you but i want to strangle the careless person out of you

I Don’t Hate You But Want I to Strangle The Careless Person Out of You

Oh, sod off, you bumbling, clueless lollipop licking looney!

Such are the profane thoughts from an unhappy queen.

I felt like clocking someone today because I couldn’t stand how happy he was. It wasn’t his positive attitude that irked me but that he can be so positive in the face of so many mistakes. When I have to hear “sorry” so many times from the same person that it makes me feel like I have a new name; I find my patience is not infinite.

It’s my fault. I’ve got a weak link in my kingdom and the sorry guy has me having to look after my back in looking after HIS back. AND He’s lost in a reverie and doesn’t get the concept that we’re on the same team and that his mistakes are mine. How to reason with someone who says sorry like it’s a magic word and skips away with such a clear mind after inconveniencing me is beyond me. Is this blind confidence in friendship?

I thought through my frustration today. I wondered if I simply was feeling compromised because I’m not feeling well. After some thought, I was sorry to learn that there was an “oops” person inside of him. I have a low tolerance of “oops” men. I start feeling like a mom and that is the grossest feeling a girl wants towards a man. If he was great, responsible, impeccable and not just looking after his own butt and his own interests… maybe I wouldn’t feel so edgey. I’m babysitting and I’m not getting paid.

Who let the fly in the house? I did. I not only let him in my house but into my kingdom. And now I’m too tired and sick to get angry in a productive way. This queen can only lie down for now and close the door to end that echo of “sorry” buzzing down the hallway.



~ by jnetsworld on March 5, 2006.


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