dance: alvin ailey american dance theatre

DANCE: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

I stepped out from the blur of my life this past weekend to attend a performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

My favorite dance piece was “Caught” choreographed by David Parsons in 1982. It was so rich in expression for me that I was in tears through out most of the piece. The stage is mostly dark except for a strobe light in which the dancer seems to defy gravity doing leaps to the flashing light. The practice for perfect timing and stamina to create this work was awe-inspiring. It was like watching a dream about flying. The dancer was up with the flashes posing in mid-air within the splitting of seconds to be in the air with light at the same time.

It was a beautiful and intense piece, rigorous and breathtaking… set to string music that just tore me up… Tore me up!

I am looking forward to more dance performances over the year..



~ by jnetsworld on February 27, 2006.


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