kings, princes, and peasants

Kings, Princes and Peasants

I spent the afternoon with a visiting king today whom I gave the landscape of my mind.

I had been feeling frustrated and unhappy dealing with the nonsense of unnecessary drama that kept on splashing on my shore over the weekend, bringing me to the end of my calm tether.

“Is it not nice to be needed?” he asked.

I was feeling drained from those showing up to my life “needing me” because I am a desirable arbitrary option. I came across a few vampires over the past couple of weeks.

I explained to him that I had a few bumblers that have wandered in through the courtyard and he queried whether I found a growing audience flattering.

“Quite the opposite,” I told him.

I am happy with my work and the people in my life that I don’t enjoy being told that I am wrong and not open-minded because I don’t wish to submit to uninvited attentions.

How can I feel anything but contempt to someone who doesn’t know me but desires me and makes demands of me? How can I feel anything but frustration when they don’t share with me anything of themselves so that I may appreciate knowing them and want to befriend them?

Would you choose someone who devalues themselves before you; someone that doesn’t create value within their self and yet seeks to possess you? Someone, who in their poverty sees a person as a resource to validate their existence and smugly complains that you are not supportive on their terms?

How can you be real to someone who can’t realize their own self?

Those without strength will have a distorted sense of loyalty.

Would you choose someone who speaks of adventure and great kingdoms yet lives in squalor and excess and tomorrows depend on a hoped for inheritance of identity? Someone who balks at the responsibility of owning and harnessing their future in their hands and sees the generousity of those more powerful than them as an entitlement???

How can you build with someone who doesn’t want to build?

What does one create in crowning an unworthy person? Perhaps a lazy, selfish ruler who’ll doze through creating anything of value. Or worst, crowning mediocrity gives power to insensitivity that will become an insatiable tyrant. A tyrant who is oppressed by their own fears and insecurities and will manipulate and use force to forge “power.”

How does one treat someone who seeks to gain value through relationships rather than express their own value and deepest vision?

How do kings see their world? Princes? Peasants? Perspective makes a world of difference.



~ by jnetsworld on February 20, 2006.


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