because the mystery exists

Because the Mystery Exists

A friend hinted to suggesting that perhaps some things should remain out of jnetsworld in order to remain part of a special and mysterious world.

I have my ways of keeping some things mysterious. I never post pictures of my love interests. But I do post about them.

Why? Won’t it destroy the mystery and mysticism? To that I say what is there that can hurt what is transcendent? I write because I want to declare that the mystery exists. I write as if I’ve gone to a beautiful place and this is my log of the experience and the amazing people.

Not everything nor everyone is bloggable for jnetsworld. This blog was created to log the manifestation of a dream future and so the persons mentioned herein are very special.

It is my royal court… of dignitaries from other kingdoms that come to gift my life with their existence. I have great friends.. loyal friends. I am loved by people who are powerful and generous.

Writing does not destroy the mystery for me; it celebrates it.

And perhaps, it is my own way to say…

Thank you…. to the universe.



~ by jnetsworld on February 19, 2006.


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