music: a wink and a smile

MUSIC: A Wink and a Smile

I celebrated a special birthday this past Monday at Charlie-O’s Jazz Club. The club was FULL and most of the people had gathered around the piano bar to celebrate the man of the evening, Page Cavanaugh…. 84 years young.

I was struck by many things about the evening… Where to begin? I adored his arrangement of Cabaret and the chemistry between him and his players; Jason Lingle on drums and Phil Mallory on upright bass….is like watching good friends out cruising in a fast car on a gorgeous day. Their groove and rapport playing with one another has a life of its own…. and that life seems to manifest into the audience… as well as friends that came along to PLAY… and join into the fun…

Plas Johnson joined on sax…. and Mark Miller came up to sing a song…

It was a pleasure to be present to the “Page Effect”… I can see why my friend Jason, enjoys being part of the trio who says there is never a dull moment not with . Page’s great storytelling of life at the jazz royal courts gathers his friends around the campfire as he shares tales about Sinatras and Coles… memories and adventures told with a wink and a smile…

Between sets, I was able to meet with a couple of friends and fans who have enjoyed many seasons listening to Page play. I, myself, came out to see one of my best friends play, Jason Lingle. I now can’t wait to see them again… perhaps at their upcoming CD release party.

I think next time I want to sit right up next to the camp fire…



~ by jnetsworld on January 26, 2006.


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