the weirdness of me

The Weirdness of Me

I’ve been tagged by Aristrocat who wishes that I humor him in sharing the weirdness of me.

I don’t know how to pursue the matter because from my vantage point, everything I do is how I’ve been for all my life.

A common thing I may hear from friends is that they are always interested in what I’m up to now. I get that they understand me as someone who is always building, creating or working on something. But then I wonder… isn’t EVERYONE up to something??? When someone asks.. “what’s up?” I think perhaps a lot of people don’t do themselves justice in taking stock and qualifying their experience that I think it’s always a crazy answer when someone says.. “not much” or “the same stuff.”

I’m paradoxically not a patient person but I’m not impatient. I have a lot of stamina to wait out a tenuous battle… but “I don’t know people” or people with a knack for carelessness and stupidity bulldozing their indulgent personalities will find me an ice queen if they skate on thin ice. I love people and their idiosyncracies but certain discrepencies bring people to a final wall where there is no patience to hear them out.

I am a thinker. I am not driven by emotion though I have them and choose from the buffet table. I am very deliberate in what I do and say and I don’t define deliberate as slow or not spontaneous. Slow is a choice as well as being spontaneous.

But can I really say that this is weird at all? I was raised this way and my family thinks and speaks this way. Shall I say then that my family is weird? I was raised with freedom to have an opinion, to disagree, to express myself. I was raised to never belittle in jest in a home where “dumb” and “stupid” were bad words and R-rated movies were not viewed or valued. Some of my friends would say that is weird. I can’t say that I missed the sarcasm nor have I ever felt constrained from lack of swearing and watching slasher movies.

I am struggling here wondering what else to share as my weirdness… Let’s see… I don’t watch television and have never felt compelled to purchase one… I also don’t have the patience to habitually sit in front of one… I’d rather be at the piano, at the computer or DOING something that makes for a more rigorous brain workout.

Is that weird? I know quite a few people who don’t watch television… many of them work in the industry… Is that weird???

A part of me insists to keep some of my particular idiosyncracies for myself and my friends to enjoy… and with that statement, I’ll embrace a piece of my privacy and end this blog entry.



~ by jnetsworld on January 23, 2006.


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