conflict of words

Conflict of Words

ABC and I had a tete a tete over truth versus presentation last night.

He said that he valued truth over how it is told and we wrestled over the subject oddly enough. Yes, truth is the first objective if not the only objective when wanting to lead an authentic life. In my mind, I was thinking that truth is a given and so how it was presented was very important.

What use is truth if it doesn’t land and is not heard? Isn’t the point of “communication”… connection????

And so the sentiment of “hey, they have to take me for what I am… at least I’m honest..” seems to be a bit indulgent and self-centered… can one assert their identity without seeming unyielding and unempathetic?

I told ABC if there is room to be thoughtful and compassionate… why not take it? It may take a bit more brain power or care but since we only one go at life, why not practice to be a part of humanity that can create positive revolutions??

Do we need another conflict? Another war? Another misunderstanding??? Doesn’t that get boring after a while? It seems that in choosing conflict and division one IS choosing to feed the fire of a war on consciousness… a war on conscientiousness. Multiply one person’s bad day by a billion and put salt continuously on…

Something to think about…



~ by jnetsworld on January 12, 2006.


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