poem: the road that bends II

POEM: The Road That Bends II

Pushing aside all excuses
Every judgement on the floor
What direction will you turn
To choose and call your door?

After charting all consideration
And mapping mountains of thought
Retracing paths of experience
What choice is above things taught?

rising above all reason
your mind constructs all things anew
to actually choose
the road that bends
is you

Copyright ©2006 J R Hollyday

I keep revising this work… Maybe I keep returning to it because I need to daily remind myself to bend… to choose.

L and I discussed this week “being chosen” over “choosing” and making distinctions of living powerfully. What is it like to be “chosen?”

I percieve there is an attachment to feeling special that gets generated by another’s attentions.

And it is wonderful to be made to feel special but there is a lot to be discerned when things go under a phase when one feels “less chosen.” The sentimental feelings lose its wind dependent on being sustained by some other effort than the self. Things may get misinterpreted as “something is wrong”…

Is that a way to live? What happens when a theme of “something is wrong” keeps playing out because of the way one has designed their life? Tell a child that they are too sickly and fragile enough, they may never grow to be otherwise… Look to the adult with years of self-deprecating programming and what will they create?

What does “choosing” offer?

It makes one make a stand, create a value. It makes one go through one’s gambit of excuses and judgements and yet calls on to yet a step forward. It makes one relive past experience and yet make a goal for a future.

It makes one own their life.

I need to remind myself daily to be the road that bends… In the end, I realize that my life is the manifestation of choices along the way…



~ by jnetsworld on January 7, 2006.


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