wishing techniques

Wishing Techniques

I always make wishes. One day while seriously putting my intention over a wish, I inhaled deeply before blowing at the dandelion… and breathed IN my flower. Yuck!

I have since then improved my wishing techniques with dandelions.

Other good places to wish:

Birthday candles

And I make wishes each time I play a glissando.

Today, feels like a good day to make wishes… I’m having a sunny day (the first sunny day of the year) and I feel a little deflated…

I struggled to lift my own spirits….

Do you remember the wishes you made when you were little? The world seemed so much bigger and magnificient then…

And you adored everyone as your bestfriend.

Sandbox fights got resolved fast… because the kids you had to play with were all you got… and when you didn’t appreciate that thought, someone was there telling us to get over ourselves and shake hands.

Everything new in life was a new expansion, a new adventure story that would become a future’s best memories…. the childhood stories you share today…

that rekindles a spark of life.

Where did that spark come from?

Where does that spark go when we are not aligned with it? Are we these drab souls that’s seen it all – justified to belittle the mystery around us?

When did everyone stop being bestfriends? And when did we stop shaking hands to make up so that we can get on the fun game again? Are we adventurers in lives we love and can’t stand to be sent to bed lest the day should end?

Who’s the real self? What is reality? Can we play with this?

Is it worth the self-absorption or perhaps self-destruction to stop being in ways that diminish life around us? Why drag a past that weighs us down with jadedness and not bring along the “other past”… the one where someone taught you about wishes and you made them religiously at every opportunity of passing fountain and night sky???? Where is that person that went to the sandbox everyday with a shovel determined to dig a tunnel to China?

Remember wanting to do everything and be everything? Maybe you wanted to be the first veternarian to be an astronut or rock star doctor

…vacuuming looked so cool to do and you would sometimes beg to crack the eggs into the batter and be able to do the dishes afterwards.

Where is that person and did you leave them behind?? Did you leave that invincible you in the past and yet kept the meanest junior high punk around to remind you that you are not special??

Where is that person whose wishes are going to come true and you have no doubt? Gone?

Maybe you should stop acting like a grown up…

And that is what I tell my friends and myself when a sunny day fails to inspire…

I remember my wishes. I only have two. And when I get that I am sad .. it is because I have stepped outside the space of what I dream of, I get back into who I really am and I fight the shadow self claiming my life back as my own.

I’m off to glissando a few wishes.

Here’s something special a friend, H. sent me today… Maybe it is really what wishes are about connecting us to…Enjoy!

How do you make wishes?



~ by jnetsworld on January 3, 2006.


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