kill the leprecaun

On Leprechans and Love

A pancake breakfast brought together some inspired conversation yesterday. While it rained buckets and continues today, the warmest thoughts to be had are worked for. Resignation stands at the door waiting for a ready opportunity. Knock knock.

J arrived, a little bit on the sad side to share about her time in a slow going relationship that had met with a concrete wall while on a happy road of progress. She had said the “L” word that sometimes make people get all ruffled up (and I’m not talking “laundry” I mean the other horrible “L” word.) A moment of risk and bravery wasn’t met with the enthusiasm she had hoped for. She said that he’ll call her again and things will be “the same” and she’ll continue being frustrated.

“Your direction is more important than your speed.”

Richard L. Evans

I had a different perspective to share. I invited her to take on the possibility that maybe they are great and he likes spending time with her. He’s beginning to hang out with her family and friends for family events which may be a big deal and something to not take for granted. The only problem I see is that the words trip things along and that perhaps she should find substitutes.

Isn’t showing up a way to say “I love you?” If there is enough said in the gaps of the uncomfortable moments, then I think there is a conversation that cannot be ignored… if you are practicing being loving…

Of course, if there are NO redeeming qualities… I would say move on or diversify your portfolio. Don’t worry too much and enjoy the conversation and see if it is worth listening to.

We disbanded from our pancake get together and I spent time with Beethoven and memorized half of “Big My Secret.” I was about to sit down to write when A came from upstairs. She brought stuff to make for dinner and so we enjoyed dinner together over a conversation of leprechans.

Leprechans are those mystical fabled creatures that guard crocks of gold. Our “leprechans” for the evening were the “religious freaks” that run the country. A. had heard a story of a “religious freak” and I asked her if she personally knew a religious freak… She said no but that her friend had told her of the religious freak..

It was basically one of those weird stories of second hand information.. I know someone who knows someone who knows someone that knows someone that had a horrible exchange with a religious freak. Really? Wow… I think I know someone that knows someone that knows someone that saw the Lochness Monster…

Do you think the Lochness Monster and the religious freaks live together underground in the abandoned railways of New York with the Mole People????

I have yet to meet one of these “religious freaks” that everyone is so afraid of that they swear that they know of. One of the freakiest persons I’ve met was an atheist that told people he believed in God when it suited him and told Christians off that God was stupid when it suited him. When he is the sober, rational intellect that he likes to present himself as, he is most emphatically an atheist.

Maybe it’s these fence sitters that are miscontrued to be the “religious freaks” of America. These folks who are so un-committed to any sort of opinion and have no conviction whatsoever. They might be the ones ruining it for everyone.. Maybe the freaks are an outcome of poverty and low education.. A and I speculated…

A. got some grief from her co-workers for putting one of those Christian fishes on her car. The girl likes fishes! And she happens to have enjoyed her spiritual upbringing that she didn’t mind claiming an affiliation to God.. We both grew up in families that went to church and were NOT raised by religious freaks.

A. was called a “religious freak” by her co-worker and all she can think is…

“What’s up? What is the big deal?”
“Well, you know… people who admit their faith with fishes and bumper stickers… are religious freaks… Don’t you know anything? People are going to think that you are a religious freak because of your fish..”
“You have to be kidding.”
“Just letting you know what people are going to think.”

I told A that they day she lives worrying about everyone’s thoughts when she has nothing to be ashamed of is a day she’ll have to consider that she is living for other people… I go to church and am involved with different Christian communities and I can’t say that there is a leprechan in our mist.

Is A. the “religious freak” that everyone is afraid of? That’s crazy… She seems pretty normal to me… likes the beach, hiking, hip music, concerts and a good beer. Is she a religious freak?

Are people fighting and driving each other crazy because they swear that leprechans live across the way and yet no one stands still to have a conversation… KILL THE LEPRECHAN is the motto. It’s madness… Co-workers saying the fish is something to be wearing of… is this freak..”running the goverment” “running the churches and schools” “making the laws” and “killing people?” This particular freak works in a production office helping bring us cool movies like the Matrix…


And no one is really stopping the insanity by just really listening to one another. Is it our inability to relate to one another? If someone finds a leprechan out there, can someone attempt a conversation? Maybe you’ll find out what and who they really are….

Someone who had crazy parents… someone who’s gone through some trauma… someone who’s experienced one reality with no one to bank ideas and conversation with… therefore enforcing that their worlds stay myopic.

Who cares… huh?

It’s easier to blame the religious freaks and claim that it’s their fault that the country is out of control. Maybe to be on the safe side, change lanes from the people with fishes, birds and jesus stickers on their car.

It’s safer to have other types of opinions.



~ by jnetsworld on January 2, 2006.


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