happy new year!

Happy New Year!

This little girl had a crazy evening of surreal proportions.

With a party slated for 9pm, preparations didn’t begin until 6pm. A and I arrived home from the store and went straight into cleaning and food prep mode. The candles were being lit and lipstick applied by the time our first guest arrived.

The rest of the evening was to be marked by events of perfect timings.

Our little intimate party became a mini industry smooze-fest in the beginning. I finally understood the socializing frustrations that I had heard of until then. After quick introductions of the first course of people, the dance of sugarplum producers came to center stage. It was comic hearing that EVERYONE was a “producer” and overhearing the speed dating tactics of making “the connection.”

D and I had a good laugh. I was glad to say that I did other things so not to get latched onto the speed dating game. I was looking at making friends and these folks looked like they were interested in making a kill.

That first group of people were an interesting bunch. I flirted with one boy who was too cute to not say so I told him. I didn’t know what else to say to him anyway because I didn’t know a thing about him just that he was pleasant to look at. Later, I learned that I was playing pretty eyes with a soap actor who was also the bad boy in Karate Kid II.

A second set of people came and mixed up the group a bit more and the party had a little more “normal” energy … the speed dating of producers slowed down… We decided to move the party to Sapphire… a local hip hang and rang the new year from there…

I met a trio of “Italians” there and M. (A’s friend) met a mother and daughter who were new in town. We decided to take them back to our place to resume the party and things became even more outrageously comical from there. The mother and daughter were an odd though sweet pair who had the feel of tourists.

I definitely felt an awe from them especially with the dynamics of the “italians” who soon lost their cover and were exposed Israeli boys out playing an interesting routine game of catch the girl. They tried kissing every single girl in the house except the mother… M saved me from my naivete and explained the tactics of roving packs of boy predators. There was some sophisticated hunting going on and I was happy to have a guardian angel. If M. hadn’t invited the mother and daughter the “italians” would have met with very harsh words and the evening interlude would have ended with a standoff.

M. escorted the “italians” back to their cars after we have given them lots of water to drink and we found the rest of our party had taken a random limo drive. B. came back in time to run after the “italians” who had A’s cell phone in their possession and M. my guardian angel decided to spend the next phase of new yearing together over after midnight snacking. We later renamed the “italians” as the “three stooges”… And decided that the evening could have been a disaster but had turned out to be a hilarious evening.

What a way to herald a new year in… WHEW!


~ by jnetsworld on January 1, 2006.


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