poem: pinky swear

POEM: Pinky Swear

Pinky swear
Children preaching
Promises to be fair
A serious childhood game
Of how to care

Promises sworn on later days
Rusting remains of pinky swear ways
Breaks over the waves of pennies and years
Glorified at the fountain of tears

Wishing on the brightest star
Celestial friends unfold beloved fate
Childhood faith fancies the moon of afar
A magical and mystical gate

Age spurns hope and covers the fabled door
That opened to abundant places of yesterday lore
The birth of a sage from the dreams of a child
Frees the soul once again
To laugh and dream into the wild

Copyright ©2005 J. R. Hollyday

Just some random thoughts….

I am having a delightful week…

Yesterday evening, A and I found ourselves in the kitchen in a moment of glee cheering for life.

“LIFE IS SOOO FUN! I LOVE IT!” We said in unison giving one another high fives.

Our parallel lives has been a source of laughter and intrigue. We can’t believe that we’ve known each other for only six weeks and that time has oddly breezed right by us and yet we feel like we’ve known each other for most of our lives….

ABC has been celebrating a lot of these little moments with us. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and he knows how to bounce…. at least that is what it seems after spending an intense week at the playground called my life… with me and my closest friends. We pinky sweared to be friends forever… I hope we never grow up.

I had an interesting week of zipping between conversations with children and conversations with grown-ups. Young people get up in arms over broken promises, they share of their frustration how the adults in their life make life so intricate with reasons and excuses… after all the time that they are taught rules and how to be fair, they get to witness a breakdown from the adult world. The children think it is wrong and silly to not be straight… the adults say it is complicated.

Somehow we all started from that place where rules, promises and dreams were important and later find ourselves in a place where no one plays as fairly and promises have excuses attached in afterthoughts and dreams are for the naive….

My friends and I have been playing hard these past couple of months and we’ve managed to ground our inner grown up. It is a lot more fun to take on projects and time flies a kite on us.

ABC is now gone to Switzerland for three weeks and A’s ABC leaves for a family vacation to Jamaica for the holidays for three weeks as well. Another shared coincidene… I’m looking forward to what three weeks of life will unfold… A. and I think anything and everything is wonderfully possible.



~ by jnetsworld on December 15, 2005.


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