dance: act two knl… creation and connection

ACT TWO KNL .. Creation and Connection

Hello Friends,

Here are the photos from the second half of our show.. With many thanks to my brother and friends who’ve forwarded pictures to me. Be sure to check out the first half of the show too… and if any friends have photos that they would love me to include in my blog, please forward them to me… I would love to share them.

Many thanks to my family and friends… my new friends from KNL.. all your support and encouragement create a clearing in me making possible who I am and want to be..

Cheers 🙂








Kayaman Ng Lahi pays tribute to four Filipino artist icons who, by their vision, creativity and body of work, have defined the field of Philippine dance through their unique yet complementary achievements and successes. These “Alagad ng Sining,” translated as workers of the arts, have truly excelled in preserving and presenting the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines. Their contributions serve as a consciousness that inspires us to continue this cultural celebration and journey into self and nation. They have inspired us to learn from the past and present in order to build our future.

Habing Sayawit means togetherness. The different regions, times, religions, and more put into one two-hour show. This shoud be interesting….

Janeil A.

Lucrecia Reyes Urtula / Bayanihan

Pattong / Vinta


Francisca Reyes-Aquino & Jovity “Tita Betty” Sison Friese & Fil – Am Family

Pasikat Na Baso


Rice Festival


Ramon Obusan /

Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group

Sugod Uno

Kadal Taho



Jota Paragua

Bilang pagtangkilik at pasasalamat, sa lahat ng nagbigay inspirasyon, tanglaw na ilaw at karunungan sa aking culturing Pilipino, ito po ay para sa inyo… As my thanksgiving to all who gave me inspiration, vision, and knowledge in my Philippine culture, this concert is for you.

May C.

Born and raised in the United States, KNL helped me to understand more about my Filipino culture. I learned to appreciate who I am and where my parents came from.

Michelle R.

To dance is to create a bridge between soul and body… to express love and passion… respect and beauty….

The meaning of Habing Sayawit symbolizes growth, innovation and evolution.. It is a unique relationship with art and with life. This event and this concept represents art and life coming together as a cycle and a story of soul.

Jed D.

I believe that my culture is an important part of who I am. I joined Kayamanan Ng Lahi to learn more about the Philippine culture and customs. Joining KNL give me pride and fulfillment to be one of the Filipinos preserving our culture.

Sandra M.

This project has taught me to recognize that all aspects of my culture, family, history and myself have always co-existed.

Grace C.

Kayamanan Ng Lahi

Philippine Folk Arts

Celebrating 15 Years of Cultural Legacy

Aratani / Japan America Theatre

Kayamanan Ng Lahi


Founded by Joel Jacinto, Boy Angos, Barbara Ele & Ave Jacinto

Goals: To transform our members through education and presentation

Habing Sayawit is hard work but fun. I learn a lot about my culture through dance and songs. I love my teachers.

R. age 10

Dancing is making a poem with movements rather than words. I am always moved to tears by the beauty and intention of art. You can only be in the moment. To study art, I find that I study being in the moment and through the study of being in the moment, I find myself being in love with my life through all circumstances. Beauty will always shine through in practicing to be connected to passion.

Being present to life, to community… being PRESENT.. is to be one with the force of life… it is during the times that I am not present… when I am floating with my thoughts and insecurities that I experience life as mundane or scary. I experience the power and beauty of life by being involved, by claiming my life from the ticking seconds. I made many mistakes along the way, dancing the wrong steps and playing incorrect notes but I am not committed to my mistakes, I am committed to something bigger than my mistakes…

“Habing Sayawit” – translated as woven dance and song – weaves an array of Philippine dance, song and music into a seamless tapestry of cultural reflection.

If there was anything I was more present to in my involvement with KNL, it was commitment. In getting to know the dancers and becoming friends, I learned that people in the group were having babies, getting married, going through school, commuted long drives and had FULL lives..

It has been in my experience that busy people committed to great things always find the time to make room for anything of heart value for their life. Commitment is to take on the work of being up to something, not getting stuck in one’s self-defeating thoughts and not getting slowed down by anything.

Commitment is affirming a love of one’s life by doing one’s best… and all things are possible with love.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Does beauty come from technique or practice… a formula or the abstraction of passion?

My conducting professor always stated that “life is practice”..

Committing to practice whether to music or dance or learning how to live, I’ve learned that one can become an athlete of God… every moment becomes a blessing… every experience a present.

10 meaningful years of created passion, passionate intentions, intended connections and clarity of cultural traditions mark a chapter of my moving experience discovering the treasures of my people, and more important, the treasure within.


This dance is very special to me, “Ragragsakan.” I loved it so much and had the most self-defeating thoughts going through my mind through each rehearsal. I loved singing the chant but struggled with balancing the basket for several months. I did everything in my head to not lose it and cry with self-pity. Listening to loud music after rehearsal and having good talkings to myself, encouraged me…

I am the newest girl in the company of these seasoned dancers. It is a humbling place to be a beginner; a student… as a music teacher in a new realm, I created my friendships with the youngest members whose fun and teachable spirit inspired me as a learner and I was also encouraged by the welcoming spirit of the seasoned dancers that took time aside to coach me, assure me and make me feel a part of the KNL community.

And here I am … happy and loving the moment being part of something beautiful.

When I practice music, I don’t think of making wrong notes, but during my dance practice I found myself worrying over making a mistake. “Ragragsakan” is a dance that celebrates the daily work of the women that live in the mountain regions of the Philippines. After learning the self-defeating game I had inside my head in learning the dance, I was able to be free to enjoy learning it and to perform it as a celebration of work.

We are all possibilities of beautiful expressions, of love, of passion, of community, of friendship… of any great endeavor we can fathom dreaming…

It was a pleasure to celebrate my humanity…. art… creation… culture… and connection…

And make new friends…

This is the fruit of commitment.

KNL… Kayamanan Ng Lahi Folk Arts


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