dance: act one knl… the meaning of habing sayawit

PHOTOS: ACT ONE KNL…The Meaning of Habing Sayawit

Hello Friends,

I want to share with you pictures from the show. It is just too beautiful to keep to myself and the experience of being part of something special was quite a journey that I can only encourage you to pursue making your life an artistic expression.

I’ve included their eloquent words and the program of dances so that you too may learn about the organization…the special people that are the KNL family…

PS… Does anyone have any pix to share from the show? I would love to include those on this blog 🙂 Especially backstage pix.

Kayamanan is a second family, unyielding friendship, love of self, an ear to listen, heart-break repair, bonding, life changing, intense, always welcoming, give-and-take, uncontrollable laughter, love of a faraway country, beauty forever….

Barbie R.

It is a celebration of our history and our heritage. It is the expression and extension of our pride for our values and tradition. It is the innovation that will bridge the gap between the past, the present, and the future….

Cedric M.



Rondalla Club of Los Angeles

Culture, creation, and connection are the rich threads that wove the majesty of our humanity together. In contributing our own spirit, our lives, and passions to those around us, we can live inspired, learning sensitivity, discipline, endurance, and making life an artist expression. To live life is to celebrate our cultures, inspire, create, and connect…

Jeannette H.

The people and environment that nurtures and cultivates us. A journey of self discovery to reveal one’s unique treasures. Interwoven relationsips that bind us together… the ties of family, friendship, and community. A universal language that reaches beyond our common sphere, sharing our expression of life, our definition of beauty…

Melissa A.

Culture is…being who you are. Creation is…designing, telling, and living the stories we are in. Connection is… together, sharing to our people and the world, the stories and songs we want our children’s children to always remember.

Trish P.

Habing Sayawit is hard work but fun. I learn a lot about my culture through dance and songs. I love my teachers.

Raquel B. age 10

When I think about this show, I think about the process – a memorable journey; one filled with creative collaborations, personal growth, and, at times, trying commitment. In the end, I’ll cherish the opportunity to share the beauty of our Culture, the opportunity to Create, and the opportunity to Connect with the KNL family.

Robert A.






Spirituality and religion are part of being a Filipino. There are many different ways Filipinos pray and express their spirituality; whether it’s related to an offering, healing, cleansing. or thanksgiving.

Through movement and actions, the Filipinos reveal the essential beliefs of their faith and affirm the divine presence that dwells deep within and which guides them like the one true light.

Tableau of Light





Sayaw Sa Obando



I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to learn who I am beneath my brown skin through the acts of music and dance. I will always remember that no matter how diverse the Filipino culture is, we’re all part of a creation in which, through connection–no matter what, we will always be a family…

Emily M.


Ave Jacinto

SCENE 2 : Makaugnay




The Filipino world-view is one that considers all things to be interconnected with everything else. The raw essence of this idea manifests in the dances that mimic the elements and living things of the heavens, seas and earth.

By instinct and nature, Filipinos seek to connect and become one with all of these elements through imitation and reverence, despite differences.

In the end, we discover that we are but a part of a universal design that resembles the raw essence of improvisational dancing.

Tableau of Essence



Lawin – Lawin





Dance Director / Choreographer BARBARA ELE

I love to learn about my culture, and when I dance on stage, with my costume, I feel like I am a part of something special…

Courtney A.

I like Kayamanan because the dances are fun, and because I learn about my grandfather’s culture. My favorite dances are Torayen and the Rice Festival. It’s cool hanging out with friends…

Joey S. age 9






Culture echoes the essence of the past along the journey of the present. The evolution of culture defines the path into the future. KNL gave me the opportunity to become a part of its culture and expand my own…

Noel P.

Kapwa signifies fellow human-being and prevails as a root element shaping all human interaction – transcends differences and seen in the Filipino’s love of the celebration.

To celebrate with one another is to reciprocate the deeply seated drive to acknowledge the creative living presence in every individual. The following suite of dances translates kapwa through the story-telling of two people from differing backgrounds and social strata.

Together, through expressive social culture, they come to know each other. As a result, their respective families learn to relate and celebrate as one community.


Market Scene


Jota Quirino

Sayaw Sa Cuyo



Sayaw Sa Palaton



The process leading up to this concert has been a long and tiring one… but looking back at all the long practices, I would do it again. It’s so nice to reconnect with everyone and be one with each other. Every time I have been a part of a KNL concert, I have always learned so many new things about my culture, my friends, as well as myself.

Michael M.

Different, talented individuals coming together to make a beautiful work of art for others to enjoy and appreciate is what Habing Sayawit means to me. Being part of such an amazing group has broadened my appreciation for being a Filipino.

Stephanie A.

More pictures to come… This is just ACT ONE 🙂


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