poem: the dragon in the garden

POEM: The Dragon in the Garden

To the garden came the dragon
Spying through flower, fauna and tree.
Found the door to the lost kingdom
And opened it with a stolen key.

Won by the fire of eloquent airs
It acquired its precious prize.
A shower of flattery and inflated cares
Disguised elaborate and crafty lies.

The key to paradise relinquished
A vulnerable garden came under new rule.
Carefree days of yesterday banished
But hope is promised through a jewel.

The earth grows through the tears of a maiden
And the toil of her beloved and the death of a son.
Eden will be reclaimed and the dragon will be laden
With its postponed sentence, the spell undone.

No flattery nor crafty story
Will keep the key to paradise forever hidden
The garden was created for love and glory
To choose abundance over what is forbidden

Copyright ©2005 J. R. Hollyday


~ by jnetsworld on October 16, 2005.


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