word up: limiting theories and limitless possiblity

WORD UP: Limiting Theories and Limitless Possibility

I’m enjoying BSF’s study and discussion on Genesis. It’s our second week and we are still on chapter ONE and I’m being inspired into a lot of thought.

Today we discussed the limiting theories that are part of popular thought on the beginning of beginnings, ie.. Darwinian evolution, intelligent design, theistic evolution, gap (restitution) theory, progressive creationism, and literal six-days viewpoint. We have a garden variety to play with.

Some thoughts. I am in awe at imagining what kind of intelligence came up with designing this basic reality I call my world that I experience. If we gathered all the poets, composers, and artists of the world… how far and wide would their collective imaginations stretch? The sum of all artists perhaps is what God is.

What was a day to God? The sun and moon and stars that tracked the seasons were not created until day FOUR. How long were the three that preceded day FOUR? A few million years? Light was created on day ONE… light that was not generated by the sun nor stars… that must have been a surreal starting point to be creative in…a galactic playground. Modern astrophysicists declare that light existed for immensely longs periods before the sun, moon and stars came into being. I imagine it was pretty 🙂

And lastly, I find it fascinating that God said…

“Let us make man in our image, in our likeness….”

I had read Genesis 1:26 before but I took for granted that the phrase said.. US.. Let USOUR image… OUR likeness. I wonder what aspects about ourselves are we blind to because we don’t even know how to begin looking at ourselves.. let alone imagine beyond that into a realm of infinity. I put it on the table for the group to think about..

He created them male and female… Doesn’t that mean then that God is in essence male and female? The attributes of God expand if I extend to characteristics of the “Spirit of God” and then there’s the “Son of God” which makes a Triune with “God.” What are the possibilities of who we are that are “created in the image of God… these three separate yet connected entities?”

It’s week two of BSF… I’ve kept of with the homework. It’s interesting and I’m committed to write my thoughts on the class each week. I’ll preface the titles with WORD UP for easy reference. Please share any of your thoughts if you wish 🙂

Something to think about.
It beats talking about the weather and movies…



~ by jnetsworld on September 29, 2005.


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