don’t trust a girl that doesn’t have girlfriends

Don’t Trust A Girl Who Doesn’t Have Girlfriends

On several occassions this past week, a few friends gave me a piece of wisdom:

“Don’t trust a girl who doesn’t have girlfriends.”

I am always meeting girls in search of girlfriends. Most of them flake out and don’t return calls. I find this absolutely hilarious since they are the same girls who’ll rant and complain if a guy doesn’t return their call the same day. And there is hell on if you don’t call within the same week.

Well the sisterhood is not all lost. I have a posse of girlfriends where I enjoy lots of fun, ranting, raving, being silly, being serious who are loyal friends and great people. And these are the qualities of my closest gal pals and friends in general:

Smart and intelligent
Compassionate and diplomatic
Straight-ahead and no-nonsense
Ambitious and family-oriented
Loyal and beautiful
Committed and easy-going

We read voraciously. We rarely watch television. We enjoy close family communication and live independently and free…affirmed by the life we manifest and supportive to our girlfriends.

The advice of “don’t trust a girl who doesn’t have girlfriends” came from guys as I entertain the idea of taking in a roommate. Thinking it over, I see the wisdom of it.

A girl without girlfriends may be either mean or needy explaining her lack of gal pals. Girls don’t like hanging out with mean girls (unless they are mean too)… and most girls have no patience for neediness… that tests the boundaries of being supportive. It’s bad enough when you find yourself playing nursemaid to a boyfriend and those relationship don’t last very long (Does the man need a second mother? I think that makes for a perfect co-dependent relationship.)

Most guys with their heads straight on don’t like needy girls. Because to participate in a relationship with a needy girl.. you end up being a boyfriend and psuedo-girlfriend… doing EVERYTHING together… not necessarily because you want to do everything together but because you’ll get busted if you don’t.

I give my best wishes to those wasted princes and hope they don’t sink with the gorgeous titanic of neurosis. What is reality when someone’s a walking reaction of uncovered and overexaggerated histories????

Maybe I should find a guy roommate?

When I meet a girl, I definitely will ask about her girlfriends now…



~ by jnetsworld on August 17, 2005.


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