music: ARADHNA means “worship” in Hindi

MUSIC: ARADHNA means “worship” in Hindi

A. and I went out this past weekend to enjoy ARADHNA.

Christopher Hale on sitar and Peter Hicks on guitar. What a beautiful night! Indian devotional music that celebrates Yeshu (Jesus). It was an inspiring evening. It made me wonder about the different voices of devotion through-out the world.

It is amazing to know how we are connected in spirit to people around the world by common loves.

I was present to the possibility of peace, communication, connectedness. It was nice talking to Chris for a little bit after the show. He is a very gentle soul with an amazing voice. He had grown up in Nepal. What a unique experience. We all attended the same music school where he became friends with R. who engineered the show. (R. engineered a great show. I heard everything. She has a great ear for detail and brought out Aradhna’s sound beautifully.)

The diversity of music and people throughout the world is beautiful.

Here is what my friend R. sent after the performance:

Hey all,

A big ‘ol mushy THANKS to everybody who came out to support Aradhna on Saturday night at the ***! We were thrilled that you were able to join us for this unique experience.

Chris, Pete, and Andrew (the duo’s guest tabla player) sounded fabulous, and judging by the feedback we received, everybody felt that they had been part of a very special evening of uncommonly beautiful devotional songs.

Finally, in after-concert news, the Artistic Director at **** has asked Aradhna to join a line-up of “world music” bands for a festival that they produce, annually, if available. The Production Manager at **** has also inquired about the possibility of licensing Aradhna’s music for their upcoming production of ****, and possibly scoring additional cues for this season’s play as well.

Given the extremely enthusiastic response to the evening, I think it would be safe to say that we can look forward to having Chris and Pete back to Los Angeles *very* soon.

Thanks again for coming out to support independent music (in general) and Chris and Pete (specifically). We loved having them in town, and we look forward to seeing everybody again at the next concert…




~ by jnetsworld on April 13, 2005.


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