princess training

Princess Training

Last weekend after church, N and I decided to run our brains over the topic of Reality.

I posed the question:

If we are designed to have an intelligence to look at our past, learn from our experience and generate a present using the lessons of the past…. therefore affecting our futures….What stops us from being designed with an intelligence to look into our future, learn from what is to come and generate a present using the lessons of the future…therefore affecting our future as well as our past. ?????

Some people run in their heads their expectation and conversation of

“I am not good enough,”

“I am rejected, everyone leaves me,”

“I don’t need anyone,”

“I know it all already,”

“I am content and have everything I need.”

And therefore lead a life bouncing from that space. It’s not a very empowering place.  I am “Miss I Don’t Need Anyone”… was… I go in and out of that script out of my human nature.

N and I wondered if drama was a human addiction because everyone seems to have a dose of it whether or not they share it with their loved ones. I don’t witness Bebo the bunny lamenting heavy issues when she sits in her cage with a carrot.

Back to the Future…

so the night before Easter, I sat in contemplation over the message of new life and renewal. I didn’t want easter to be simply a color and hunt, food and wine fest. N was in the same frame of mind and maybe that’s why we found ourselves talking about the future on the evening of Easter.

If our past can give us lessons in time for traveling the present, I told her we ought to consider the possibilities of traveling the present from the future and perhaps we can take something we learn from church and actually live out something extrordinary. Isn’t it insanity to live in the past over stories that happened days and years ago… especially if it doesn’t create a life that is loved and enjoyed.

Why not drop the conversations of ‘not good enough’ or whatever pet judgment we’ve cloaked on ourselves and put what God says about us. God is a lot more eloquent on saying who we are than we are.

Romans 8:16…”For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship (daughtership, in our case)

What can one consider about oneself if you look at yourself as a child of God, dearly loved children of light? Why is the “not good enough” conversation the best-selling tape that rolls in the brains of many….. despite the freedom offered by choice and religion? (or spirituality for those who get squirmish over the R word)

N and I talked about whether or not we were aligned with what our faith teaches us. If we believed that we were daughters of a higher power and intelligence of love, did we have a sense of being related to God? We decided to walk through 1 Corinthian 13:4-8 together… the Love is chapter that is easy to take for granted.

We graded ourselves. Why not? We’re in the school of life and if we’re students at “God Universe-ity… it’s a good idea to look at the syllabus and see if we’re getting any of the lessons. So we rated ourselves and talked about what we struggled with.

And then we read Proverbs 31…. beautifully written out what a woman of God is (ideally)…beautiful, intelligent, industrious, compassionate, well-respected and loved…. among many things.. I had written Proverbs 31 into my journal that I carry around with me… blanking out all the spots where it says wife… so that I may put my name or my friend’s name in the blank. It’s a great way to encourage myself and my friends.

so we can create our life from the conversation of being fearful of the future and believe that we are not good enough or that we will be rejected…if we are children of light… why not adopt the picture above as our reality as opposed to the one below? The picture above was once contaminated water but was blessed. It used to look like the picture below.

Imagine if this is what happens to water… what is happening to us with our ways of thinking?this is the effect of negative thinking on water… it won’t behave like the water above. it’s from Dr. Emoto’s study of water and thoughts “messages in the water”

ANYWAY… it was a great evening hanging out with my girlfriend… thinking from the future tense to live out today with lightness.  If you want a different take without the God-speak… A friend of mine shared something similarly interesting….  He follows the Bruins games and said that he usually turns it off when it gets near the end so that he can watch the game on the news, holding the excitement for later. Well he missed turning that dial a few times and sometimes knew when the Bruins were going to win.Watching the game knowing they have won gave him a different sense of sitting to watch the game. He said he was calmer and yes excited but not turned around with a roller coaster of emotion and was more attentive to watching how they won the plays.

He said life can be like that… Live like you’ve already won the game. Be excited and just pay attention to the game plays and see the clearings that make the winning happen.

Thoughts anyone?



~ by jnetsworld on April 4, 2005.


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