24 hours of life

24 Hours of Life

I found the Albeniz piece… It is staccato heaven or hell (depending if you are a half glass full or empty sort of person.) It’s an easy read but technically how to make staccato sound magical without going adrift on autopilot. Maybe I think too much….

J had called to put me on the list for a fashion magazine’s private party. I was planning on spending the evening with E. while he packed for his trip to the east coast but he had a lot to prepare and I still have my homework for Bible study. And though it’s fun to get out for Los Angeles culture, I am such a comfortable kitty in my house with my piano. I also didn’t feel like getting all pretty to hang out with the beautiful people. It’s fashion week in Los Angeles and tonight I feel as sexy as a tea cozy. What a dilemma.

E and I are practicing our footing with one another… going “beyond solo”. It’s a dance that has my attention.. My homework for today is to call him at 5:20am to wake him up to help him ready for his trip.

Talked to E. in New York to say that I’ll be visiting in November. My favorite boy next door lives in NYC. It was his birthday. I miss him. I told him he was my boyfriend by proxy for the past 5 years.  He would get me out of the house just when I think I’ve successfully mastered my disappearing powers. And he co-hosted every party I had until he moved. My circles became his and vice versa. Life is so much more quieter now. I hadn’t realized the many little ways he made my life easier.

It’s N’s and A’s birthday this weekend and I’m hosting the party. So far, about 20 people have RSVP’d. I’ll probably have 30 or so guests coming by to say hello. I’m looking forward to it. Every get-together is different.

N and I are fixing up the patio for the weekend. It used to be enclosed and was a nice warm “outdoorsy room” but had gone through a lot of neglect. The building manager had it torn down last week. We’re happy with what they built in place but it is windy and my plants are dying. N’ has a new boyfriend who helped clean and move things around. He stayed over late to help fix things up.

And lastly, S. called to say that his mother has cancer. In between all the busy stuff I have going on, this weighs the most on my heart. We’re going to do everything we can to lift her quality of life and hope that it was caught in enough time. I feel so sad with him. He’s stopped taking any playing gigs and is strictly teaching so that he can look after his mother. I know he adores his mother. And despite his tiredness and the crazyness his life has been to alter his schedule for his mother, I don’t see his tiredness…. rather his tirelessness. And I think how beautifully he loves her.

He is her only son; her only child and the thought of a friend without their mother is the saddest thought I know.



~ by jnetsworld on March 16, 2005.


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