it’s raining STILL

It’s Raining STILL

The rain came down in buckets today. AGAIN.

And life is beautiful.

A. and I spent the past evening pondering “what is reality” and “creating doors of opportunity” and “confronting fear”… My friend, interestingly pursues having nightmares. His theory is that when he wakes up he is grateful of his present happiness. When he has good dreams, on the other hand, he wakes up disappointed to leave the happiness he experienced in his dream. What a strange way of thinking.

E. came over for lunch and we did what we do best. DREAM and toasted to a beautiful abundant future. He is leaving for the XYZ Academy having been selected for a young entrepreneurs retreat. That’s very exciting. And, he is so modest. How sexy is that? A lot sweeter and positive than my nightmare adoring friend.

We talked about “living outside the box”…”creating different roles in life to live and enjoy”, my allergies to dating, frustration with lots of attention, and my writing. It was a great day for a run in. Somehow, despite the grayest day, being with E intrigues me with sunshine. Something about him warms me and I oddly don’t feel claustrophobic; I feel creative. I want to be with him but I am inspired that I cannot be with him.

I think he’s perfect and everything in life as well.

It’s raining. It’s cold.

Life is fascinating. And spring is in the air.

I love it!



~ by jnetsworld on March 5, 2005.


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