sniffle sniffle

Sniffle Sniffle

I think that I am allergic to dating.

So the oddest occurance has just happened. The planets must be aligned like a curve ball. I’m getting sooo much attention from the male species this week, I am wondering what I’ve done to command this. The standing statistic until today was that one half of one percent of guys will call after asking for my number. I was a bit relieved to have that predictability. It meant more freedom to read, think and play the piano.

This week feels like I’m the only girl on the planet. I’ve barely talked to my girlfriends this week that I wonder if they’ve turned into men. This week just gets stranger.

It’s allergy season. The weather is crazy. There’s is nothing wrong nor special about me and guys this week. My immune system is simply being challenged and therefore my thoughts are susceptible to loopy notions.

I had a passing thought wishing I had a boyfriend for the sole reason that it creates a super invisible force field… better than my hat and overcoat.



~ by jnetsworld on March 3, 2005.


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