poem: meow

POEM: Meow

Me Ow
From a piano room, a sigh of silence
That breaks through a loaded emptiness
Exposing a lingering cadence

Me Ow
From a garden, the sun watches and gazes
Into a shy corner to recite sonnets
And promises a longer visit for tomorrow’s phrases
A faithful lover and poet

Me Ow
From a voiceless bedchamber
Whose candles debate the cold room
Fighting with flames in labor
Awaiting the warm season to resume
Wrestling with patience

Me Ow
From a contemplative kitchen table
Where secrets are kept among tealights and tea cups
And conversations are halted by the meows of this fable
Me owing over a moment
Suspending thought on its part
Me owing is not from a kitty

Me owing is how goes my heart

Copyright ©2005 J. R. Hollyday


~ by jnetsworld on January 24, 2005.


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