messages in the water

Messages In The Water

Okay Friends,

I’m been telling everyone to see “What the Bleep.” Check out the website and go see it.

I’ll see it again.. Let’s get another group of friends and talk Quantum Physics, What is Reality and What do We Really Know???

The following photos are of Dr. Emoto’s work. Google this scientist.
I cannot do justice in explaining his work other than showing you the pictures. Read the science behind the photos and you’ll be amazed as well.

His research concludes that energy and vibrations have a physical affect on water molecules. They crystallize into personalities. I’ve seen websites with pictures of spring water from around the world… Gorgeous patterns. And knowing how snowflakes have intricate and pretty patterns… how can one deny the existence of God or a loving conscious intelligence that surrounds all of life….

Love and Gratitude Posted by Hello

“What the Bleep Do We Know” posed a question in one of it’s scenes. If we are composed of water and thoughts make physical expressions, what are our thoughts doing to us???? This is what love and gratitude does to us from a vantage point that we don’t see everyday but perhaps should consider…

You Make Me Sick Posted by Hello

Ugly thoughts actually creates or rather disables water to create crystals and become hexagonal water… Absence of structure in thought or maybe erratic emotions is being expressed inside of us…literally this way.

I first heard about hexagonal water a few years ago. The water filter that I use at home and sell in my business creates hexagonal water. It filters to .1 microns and then the coral, clay and magnets affect it to create hexagonal water. Cool. I never knew the water I was using looked so pretty.

Heavy Metal music Posted by Hello

Heavy metal… what a CONTRAST from Bach…interesting…

crystal bach Posted by Hello

Here’s Bach. I’ve seen also what Mozart music does to music. There’s many photos on the internet…

Before prayer: contaminated Fujiwara Dam water Posted by Hello

Wow..this isn’t yucky thoughts. This is yucky, dirty, contaminated water.

After prayer blessing water… Posted by Hello

And this is water from the same dirty source above AFTER being blessed for an hour. Perhaps prayer is a something to consider for ourselves more seriously and for our friends and loved ones…

My friends and I have a phrase we say when we start feeling down and sorry for ourselves.. We encourage each other by saying…”think like a snowflake!!! think yourself into a snowflake!!!”

Your life just may depend on it.



~ by jnetsworld on January 9, 2005.


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