poem: man in a dress

POEM: Man in a Dress

Can I cry for just a moment?
Crawl into an embrace for safe space?
Can I drop the lead and not be a light?
And have a hand brush my pretty face?

Can I not be the strong woman for a moment?
Can I find a man to admire for his strengths?
Like a queen who’s lost for a king and a ruler
I sit in solitude power for great lengths.

A prince arrives seeking comfort
A prince calls on to me to grant him safe space
A prince calls me his leader and his light
None worthy to brush my pretty face

A prince requests that I teach him about ambition
Focus and drive, I serve as his lead
I am asked to be a servant from the throne
And not a single prince asks what are my needs

Impossible and cold I feel for being treated less
From men who deny living their very best
I am chided for an arrogance
Forced into a position of a man in a dress

How I long for someone to admire
For his ambition and for his strength
Who lives for building his kingdom and nothing less
His best for his one life
Worthy to caress my pretty face

In the presence of such passion and power
Able to address a king and not a prince
I’ll feel free and not treated less
No longer to live as
A man in a dress

Copyright ©2004 J. R. Hollyday


~ by jnetsworld on December 27, 2004.


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