poem: awake, dreamer!

POEM: Awake, Dreamer!

How many times will you look at the blue sky
before you forget to notice it?

At what point will you say you are satisfied
with seeing enough full moons?

Does that tree that you walk by every day
still have the most stunning green?
Does its towering presence still humble you?

You have an imagination
that has built castles in your childhood…
What do you build now, Dreamer?

From a cry you now speak…
What have you to say, Friend?
You are someone with a story
and you are the hero in every one of them.

You are the blue sky and full moon!
you have forgotten to recognize
Your existence and presence to yourself
is like that tree you know and love

Awake, Dreamer! Speak, Friend!

Copyright ©2004 J. R. Hollyday


~ by jnetsworld on December 3, 2004.


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