blogging becomes a passion…

The future begins here


Five minutes ago, I learned what blogging is… Here I am. Finding this website began with the tangent travels of a mind hiked up on caffeine and mind spinning movies…

N and I have just finished watching “Eternal Sunshine” as the sky dumped buckets of rain upon Los Angeles. It’s been a gorgeous day considering that my car died in Glendale, was towed to Burbank to be resurrected…and I walked in the rain because I didn’t know how to start my borrowed roommates car.

Oh… and I got a parking ticket…and I forgot a string of other of important things that would just depress me to mention… so I won’t.

Things that made me happy today despite the drama…. N loaned me her car so I can teach my piano lessons. I had fun watching and being in the rain. I enjoy teaching… especially the 5 year olds I had today. The tow truck guys and the mechanics were really cool. I received fun emails from friends saying they enjoyed the party I threw last Sunday. I sent an ecard to E. I enjoyed “Eternal Sunshine.” I began a list of people I want to reconnect with who have mentored me and befriended me: People so far to thank… Cecil Lytle Carla Kirkwood Mark Atkins Belden Daniels Christopher Hollyday Paul Smith I am just excited to create a new world to bounce around in.. my blogworld. jnetsworld


~ by jnetsworld on October 20, 2004.


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